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A Always Fresh, Act II, Airborne  B Bazaar, Be Natural, Burgen  C Copper Kettle, Comvita, Clean Paleo  D Double D, Dolmio, Deep South  E Exotic Food, ETA, Explore Cuisine  F Flemings, Food Snob, Frescarini  G Green Meadows, Giannis, Gonutz  H Heineken, Hershey's, Hendersons  I Inner Armour, Independent, Irvines  J Justine's, Just Juice, Jelly Tip  K Kantong, Kings Choice, Kit Kat  L Lift, Leader Brand, Lipton  M Mama San, Mommas, Mr Beak's  N Nana's, Naked Organics, Nar Labs  O Ocean Spray, Original Foods, Orchard Gold  P Pop'n'Good, Ploughmans Bakery, Pure Blonde  Q Queen, Quaker, Quality Bakers  R Raglan, Retro Organics, Remedy  S Sea Cuisine, Skittles, Sunreal  T Tom & Luke, The Coconut Collaborative, Tui  U USANA, Uncle Ben's, Uncle Tobys  V Venerdi, Vegie Delights, Vital Vegetables  W Wattle Valley, Waimata, Waterthins'  Y Yoplait, Z Zealea, Zilch, Zeagold  ...
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B Bakers Delight, Burger Fuel, Burger King  C Carl's Jr, D Domino's Pizza, H Hell, K KFC, M McDonald's, N Nando's, P Pita Pit, Pizza Hut, S Subway, St Pierres, Starbucks  T Tank, W Wendy's, ...
B Budget, C Countdown, E Essentials, M Macro Wholefoods Market, N New World, P Pak'n Save, S Signature Range, V Value, Value Pack, W Woolworths Homebrand, Woolworths Select, Woolworths  ...